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Does your company produce food or operate in the B2B sector?

How do you currently manage your individual QA/QM requirements?


The use of ERP systems (e.g. SAP or MS Navision) for the planning and control of processes at food producers or retailers is widespread and established nowadays. In practical use, however, it has become apparent that these systems are not at all or only partially suitable for covering the individual operational requirements of quality assurance (QA) and quality management (QM).

Therefore, the responsible employees often find other ways to help themselves with different parallel systems. These are, among others, various Excel lists, Access databases, storage of information in folder structures, mails on the “bulletin board” or even personal knowledge of individual employees.


Effects of these makeshift systems:

  • Complex manual updating of the parallel systems
  • Inconsistency of data (further processing of already obsolete data)
  • High susceptibility to errors due to non-existent or outdated information
  • High personnel and time effort


Discover the solution to this problem:

Ulysta Food – a new innovative software for the automated management of QA-relevant requirements and information in the food industry!

Designed by employees with many years of practical experience in QA and QM and working with makeshift systems, Ulysta Food (UFO) was developed specifically for the requirements of the food industry and B2B business.

By systematically focusing on the central interface function of this department, our software closes the QA-relevant gap in existing systems, regardless of whether an ERP system is available or not.

Benefits UFO:
    • Relief of QA/QM through automation of information management
    • Generation of free personnel resources
    • Central information platform instead of personal knowledge
    • Reduction of error sources and occurrence of errors, no more “forget” or “overlook”
    • Information and documents always up-to-date (customers, suppliers, raw materials, finished products)
    • Flexible and easy to use system, in which new requirements can be incorporated at any time (e.g. new certification or specific customer requirement)

By combining various individual functions, Ulysta Food offers a unique portfolio of applications.

Examples use of UFO:
    • Document management system (basic functionality), incl.
      • Storage of documents and automatic tracking validity
      • Different lead times for renewal
    • Supplier/customer management system (basic functionality)
    • Quick and easy generation of mailing lists to send out updated questionnaires or specifications
    • Storage and linkage of correspondence to material numbers, suppliers, customers
    • Independent query of information from other departments (e.g. purchasing, sales)
    • Direct import of requirements into production (e.g. customer-specific sampling or packaging)
    • Administration, management and documentation of audit relevant information
    • Central analysis management
      • Internal monitoring programs (raw material, finished product, production environment)
      • Individual customer/supplier analysis programm


Interested? Further information desired?

Get to know Ulysta Food and convince yourself of the uniqueness of the software – developed from practice for practice.



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