CAD in plant engineering

Data conversion

We support you in transferring inventory data into a new CAD system.

This includes the conversion of unstructured data from simple CAD formats or paper printouts of the equipment drawings into current standards. We analyze your existing data and work out the best possible method for transferring your planning data. We have state-of-the- art automation methods when converting inventory data.

Already successful conversions:

  • MicroStation -> SmartPlant P&ID
  • AutoCAD -> SmartPlant P&ID
  • PDS3D -> Smart 3D
  • PDMS -> Smart 3D
Plant recording

Our specialists have many years of experience in recording and documenting of plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and power plant sectors. Data from 3D laser scanning as well as manual construction recordings are transferred to the 3D CAD system you require (Smart 3D, MicroStation, AutoCAD, I-Sketch or PDS3D).

Our strengths lie in the fast, accurate and complete recording of piping and equipment and the lossless transfer of data into the CAD system.
In a manual on-site survey, the pipelines are transferred directly to an isometric application (e.g., I-sketch) using a toughbook, thus preventing transmission errors and significantly increasing the quality of the recordings.


We offer trainings und workshops for various CAE systems:

  • PDS®
  • FrameWorks® Plus
  • SmartSketch®
  • SmartPlant® P&ID
  • SmartPlant® P&ID Design Validation SmartPlant® Instrumentation SmartPlant® Electrical
  • SmartPlant® Explorer
  • Smart® 3D
  • SmartPlant® Layout
  • SmartPlant® Materials
  • SmartPlant® Review
  • I-SketchTM
  • SmartPlant® Spoolgen® SmartPlant® Markup
  • SmartPlant® Process Safety SmartPlant® Foundation SmartPlant® Reference Data

We offer professional advice on software implementation, training and subsequent project support.

The implementation of customer-specific adaptations is essential here. The creation of the following elements also plays a major role:

  • component libraries
  • parameter programs
  • symbols
  • drawing templates
  • isometrics


Together with our partner company, CNT Management Consulting, we have a broad international know-how in the area of SAP. Our 360 degree consulting approach gives you the opportunity to benefit from our cross-industry expertise in the SAP area by providing you with tailor-made solutions and the associated individual advice as part of our collaboration.

The portfolio of our partner company includes the following aspects:

  • Module-specific SAP Consulting
  • Conversion from SAP ERP to S/4HANA
  • Cloud solutions:

– SAP Integrated Business Planning
– ARIBA as a platform for your purchasing processes

  • Application services
  • Quality assurance


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