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Catalog Data Manager

As a partner of Hexagon it is our aspiration to simplify business processes in connection with Hexagon products. Therefore, we have made it our task to develop our own product, which is a supplement to the Hexagon Smart Plant Reference Data.

Current challenges on the market:

  • Missing central component catalog
  • Big effort to create new pipe classes

  • Errors are not immediately recognizable

  • Collaboration with colleagues made more difficult

  • Manual tracking of changes necessary

Our solution:

  • Global catalog with components & CAD pipe classes

  • Wizards for new pipe & component classes

  • Reuse of existing data

  • Validation & Quality Control

  • Interface for Hexagon Smart 3D

  • Automatic tracking of changes

  • Comprehensive reports


  • Consolidated catalog management solution

  • Validation & Quality Control

  • Time saving when creating new pipe classes

  • Import & reuse of existing data

  • Revision management

PIA – P&ID Import Assistant

Automatic conversion of MicroStation or AutoCAD data into SmartPlant P&ID

  • Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Conversion
  • Placement

SPF Schema Configurator

The SPF Schema Configurator makes it easy to create SmartPlant Foundation schema configurations, whether you are editing schema, admin or data configurations.


  •  Import of existing schema files

  • Verification of the validity of the schema files

  • Possibility to integrate additional configurations into existing projects

  • Export to XML Loader Files or creation of an Excel Workbook with macros that can generate XML Loader Files afterwards

  • Optional Team Foundation Server PulgIn with storage option in the TFS repository & subsequent versioning

  • Parallel working on the same schema possible without additional synchronization effort


uConnect is an export transform load (ETL) system that supports and simplifies the process of integrating many software systems with SmartPlant Foundation. The workflow is defined, individually developed and tested several times.


  • Quick & easy definition of the migration process
  • Simple & complete data extraction based on workflows
  • Frequent execution is possible
  • Transformation of data in line with customer requirements Graphical user interface for manipulating existing migration
  • processes without recompiling the interface
  • Definitions of several source & target systems enables bidirectional integrations
  • Monitoring functions for displaying the current migration process as well as past executions
  • Both mechanisms: load data & publication data are supported
  • Large amounts of data can be processed & transferred

Laboratory management systems (Thermo Fisher)

A modern laboratory data management system is indispensable for an innovative laboratory. The ideal system meets a wide range of requirements and is perfectly tailored to the respective laboratory situation. The aim is on the one hand to optimise planning and control of laboratory processes and on the other hand to obtain a quick and targeted overview of measurement and test results. For this purpose, the LIMS must make the required laboratory data and functions available to the employees at all times.

Ulysta offers you the complete solution for your laboratory management from a single source.

Our service portfolio:

  • Consulting
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Project management
  • Customization & configuration
  • Documentation
  • On-site installation
  • Integration into the existing system landscape
  • System tests (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Support Services
  • Training and Coaching Services

Our employees are not only experts in the field of LIMS systems, but we also use the latest technologies to optimally implement your project. Thus we offer you a competent contact person throughout the entire lifecycle of your LIMS.


The SampleManager is the most frequently used LIMS worldwide – it provides a comprehensive functionality to map and merge the critical business processes and operational requirements from the point of view of three main laboratory/company areas: the requirements of laboratory staff, system administrators and management.


  • Flexibly configurable to map the different workflows of individual laboratories & the specific requirements of user groups in the company

  • Tracking, processing & reporting of samples & analysis orders according to definable criteria including the configuration of rules

  • Automated management of instrument calibration, reagents & measuring equipment

  • Detailed scheduling & management of routine tasks such as regular sampling for production or environmental controls

  • Highly configurable platform with creation capabilities for new input masks, reports or labels

  • Configurable dashboards

Integration Manager

At a time when the “paperless lab” has become a buzzword in many companies, interest in company-wide integration of data from LIMS and other sources is growing. Laboratories are interested in rationalizing the entire data architecture, so closed systems that can hardly or not at all be integrated are not sustainable.

In order to implement a cross-system data management solution, you need the right tools to be able to integrate the most diverse systems and instruments in the laboratory.

Thermo Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible and powerful application for the transformation of data from various data sources and ensures the targeted provision of these throughout the entire company.


  • A high degree of transparency & a considerable ease of use

  • Data is collected, provided & managed more efficiently & securely

  • Optimization of the whole laboratory workflow

  • Complete system integration in LIMS, ERP & MES

  • Electronic collection of data & storage in a central database

  • Management & staff can view relevant lab batch data on their familiar MES control console

  • Users in logistics & quality assurance receive the latest quality information

SampleManager Data Manager

The catchword “paperless lab” does not only stop at the integration of measured values.

Many of your instruments not only generate the actual measured value, but also raw data which are used in an evaluation process. These data should not only be available at

the respective instruments, but at every place where an evaluation takes place.

The Thermo Scientific Datamanager closes this gap.

With Thermo DataManager, you can not only import the data and store it centrally unchanged, but you also gain the possibility to view and integrate the data independently from other software.

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