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Laboratory management systems:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science. In addition to laboratory equipment, the company also offers various digital solutions for comprehensive and standards-compliant laboratory data management.

Ulysta and Thermo Fisher Scientific have been in a close partnership for many years, which has enabled us to complete numerous projects very successfully. In addition to our focus on the pharmaceutical industry, we also support companies in other sectors, such as the petrochemical industry, producers of technical gases or companies active in the field of water processing. They all benefited from the close cooperation with us.

Laboratory management systems:

As a partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific we work together in the field of laboratory informatics in the following ways:

  • We support our customers in the entire project scope as well as the project customers from Thermo Fisher Scientific before, during and after the implementation of the SampleManager LIMS. In addition, we support its customization and administration.
  • Ulysta also develops new modules for the SampleManager LIMS on behalf of Thermo Fisher Scientific, which are so positively evaluated that some of our modules have even been included in the standard.
  • Together with our colleagues from Thermo Fisher Scientific we distribute the SampleManager LIMS in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.
  • We offer administration and post-implementation support as a service to our customers as well as for external projects.

Overview Softwareproducts:

SampleManager LIMS
SampleManager is the most frequently used LIMS worldwide – it provides comprehensive functionality to map and merge critical business processes and operational requirements from the perspective of three key laboratory/business areas: the requirements of laboratory staff, system administrators and management.


  • Flexibly configurable to map the different workflows of individual laboratories & the special requirements of user groups in the company without additional programming
  • Tracking, processing & reporting of samples & analysis orders according to definable criteria including the configuration of rules
  • Automated management of instrument calibration, as well as reagents & measuring equipment
  • Detailed scheduling & management of routine tasks such as regular sampling for production or environmental controls
  • Highly configurable platform with creation functions for new input masks, reports or labels
  • Configurable dashboards

Integration Manager
At a time when the “Paperless Lab” has become a buzzword in many companies, the interest in a company-wide integration of data from LIMS and other sources is growing. Laboratories are interested in rationalizing the entire data architecture, so closed systems that can hardly or not at all be integrated are not sustainable.

In order to implement a cross-system data management solution, the right tools are needed to integrate the most diverse systems and instruments in the laboratory.

Thermo Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible and powerful application for transforming data from a variety of data sources, ensuring the targeted provision of these throughout the entire company.


  • High degree of transparency & a significant ease of use
  • Data is collected, provided and managed more efficiently and securely
  • Optimization of the complete laboratory workflow
  • Full system integration into LIMS, ERP & MES
  • Electronic collection of data & storage in a central database
  • Management & staff can access relevant laboratory batch data on their familiar MES console
  • Users in logistics & quality assurance receive the latest quality information
SampleManager Data Manager
The keyword “Paperless Lab” does not only stop at the integration of measured values.

Many of your instruments do not only generate the actual measured value but also raw data which are used in an evaluation process. This data should not only be available at the respective instruments, but at every point where an evaluation takes place.

The Thermo Scientific Data Manager closes this gap.

With the Data Manager, you can not only import the data and store it centrally, you also gain the ability to view and integrate the data independently from other software.



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